STARR Partners

List of CARTE Starr Partners


We are proud of the progress we have made in developing a network of partners, STARR staff, and mentors who have supported us over the years.


The Pollination Project

The Lundt Foundation

C&S Wholesale Grocers

Idaho Women’s Group

Inspired Women’s Conference


Gloria Manchester – Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP)

Marsha Murman – Chloe’s Adornments

John Chapman – Cybris

Jeff and Aftan Murphy

Maureen Vidmar – The Green Room

Massage Therapy

Dr. Taylor Hartman

Hartman Color Code International

Individual Donations/Staff

Rosalie Gibbons

Larry and Kristi Manchester

Tom and Victoria Dater

Dater Family

Bobbi DiClaudio

Talia DiClaudio

Dominique Poncet

Patricia Kennedy

Jade Murman

Michelle Cisneros

Annette Moreau

Marie Martinez

Heidi Bogert

Nancy Orr

Larry Manchester Jr.

Renee Dineen

Gloria Reiger

Sheldon Coleman

Thomas Hanagan

James A. Petralia

Debbie Werolin

Blaine Gibbons

Lovina Robinson

Salwa Kasabian

Dovie Kapoh

Jeannie Werner

Beth Refosco

Cheryl Ramage

Lisa Dvorak

Joan Gohh

Shirley Skirvin

Debbie Werolin

C.J. Doran

Sarah Dineen

Carl Lingebach

Donna Iverson