Race to End Human Trafficking

Race to End Human Trafficking

I recently attended a Lunch and Learn event sponsored by 3 Strands Global. 3 Strands is a non profit organization established to combat human trafficking through education, engagement, and re-integration initiatives, by empowering a world-wide community. These beautiful young women deserve to have this level of community support.

The CARTE STARR Program is designed to provide a therapeutic empowerment life course for victims that have been sexually exploited at the hands of pimps and perpetrators. When we were founded in 1990 and facilitated STARR SuperCamp for teenage victims of sexual abuse, we were not aware that some of the girls that came to us from social services and probation had not only been abused in their homes but many had actually been trafficked.  There is so much more awareness of this problem today.

I was impressed with the dedication of 3 Strands Global and the multitude of agencies helping to eradicate sex trafficking of minors.  I was extremely grateful to the men and women, who spoke at this event, from the D.A.’s office in Sacramento, the Attorney General’s office, Probation, CPS and police departments who care about the girls and work at this consistently in spite of all the challenges.

As agencies continue to strive to offer programs to support the healing of sexual exploitation, we believe everyone can do something to help.  Foster parents need to be equipped to manage the girls who need temporary homes. In fact, CPS stated that this was their biggest challenge; to find homes for the girls to stay during intervention, therapy, and the crime prosecution process.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Participate in a Break Free Run/Walk in Folsom on September 24, 2016 at 8:00 AM – to register go to Break-Free Run
  • Make a donation to CARTE (Child Abuse Resolved through Education) to help fund our next STARR Life Course for High-Risk Teen Girls. Our donation button is on the home page of this site – to donate go to STARR
  • Become a foster parent to house a young teen while she is going through her program to break free
  • Donate to any of the other agencies like 3 Strands Global, get involved

Gloria Manchester, ACC is a certified life coach and current President of C A R T E, Inc.

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