CARTE, Inc. – was established November 26, 1990 as a California 501C3 non-profit organization for two reasons:

1) to educate the general public about the devastating generational effects of child abuse, and

2) to provide a cutting-edge self-esteem program for at-risk teenage girls and victims of domestic violence called STARR (Succeed Through Accountable Responsible Resolve).

CARTE also provides a dynamic women’s personal leadership course called Partner in Excellence (PIE). This course is open to all women. Its net proceeds are used to financially support the STARR Program.

Children should be safe and free to play and learn. Your donations will serve to protect a future generation of children.

All principals and board members of CARTE are volunteers. Net proceeds from PIE courses and other donations are used to provide the STARR Program and pay for insurance and miscellaneous office expenses. CARTE is currently raising funds for the STARR Program for at-risk teenage girls and domestic violence survivors.