CARTE (Child Abuse Resolved through Education) was established November 26, 1990 as a California 501C3 non-profit organization, to educate the public about the generational abuse of children and to raise funds to develop a cutting-edge program to heal and mentor high-risk teenage girls, who have been abused and/or sexually exploited.

CARTE also partners with Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP) to provide an accelerated personal leadership course called Partner in Excellence (PIE) to develop leaders as mentors. Net proceeds from this course, which is open to all women, are being used to financially support STARR (Succeed through Accountable Responsible Resolve).

CARTE’s vision and mission is to be a bold interruption in the cycle of domestic violence, abuse, and sexual exploitation of young women. Through its accelerated STARR Life Course for High-Risk Teen Girls, ages 14-18, which have been abused and exploited, they can begin the healing process and redefine themselves as strong, pure, vital young women rather than victims of a shameful and violent crime. STARR stands for Succeed through Accountable Responsible Resolve.

STARR, a 3-Day life course with 90 days of group life coaching for follow up, is a dynamic adjunct to therapy, and designed to accelerate and support traditional forms of the therapeutic process. Through our committed leadership, our ultimate mission is to champion teenage girls, inspiring them to strive for excellence, through their courageous participation in STARR offered by CARTE … in spite of their past circumstances

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC, Co-Founder, President and Board Member

Gloria Manchester is one of the co-founders of CARTE (Child Abuse Resolved through Education). She has organized, co-created and co-facilitated all STARR Life Courses for At-Risk Teenage Girls.

Gloria is President of Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP), a life, business and emotional intelligence coach, author, Hartman Color Code Personality Science Trainer and New Life Story® Mentor Coach and markets and facilitates the Partner in Excellence Leadership Course for Women which support the STARR Programs with funding and mentorship.

Gloria is a committed advocate of personal development. Her purpose is to express her fearless passion and leadership through the CARTE Programs. As an accomplished coach and leader, Gloria’s life mission is to significantly interrupt the cycle of child abuse and sexual exploitation, and to empower teenage girls and women to lead enriched and fulfilling lives.

She has two grown children, three grandsons and one granddaughter.

Rosalie Gibbons, Licensed MFT, Program Director and Board Member

Rose Gibbons has been a Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist in the state of California with an expertise in sexual abuse for over 25 years. She has supervised and trained hundreds of interns, therapists, probation officers, social services agencies, parents, educators and child care providers in the dynamics of abuse, its clinical and therapeutic aspects, the developmental considerations, and the effective use of multi-disciplinary treatment modalities.

In 1991, Rose was introduced to Gloria Manchester, the co-founder of CARTE. They shared both a lengthy history of personal growth and development, as well as a passion for effectively interrupting the cycle of abuse. They partnered in developing an experiential curriculum that accelerates the healing process, giving victims a reason to hope for a healthy and productive future. Rose has co-created and co-facilitated the STARR Life Course for at-risk teen girls and staff development and trainings. She provides the clinical or therapeutic ground from which the curriculum and the work take shape.

Since the late 1990’s Rose has worked for the Department of Social Services in Orange County, California. She currently serves in the position as a senior social services supervisor.

She is the proud mother of a son in the United States Army.

Kristi Manchester, Co-Founder, Corporate Secretary and Board Member

Kristi is one of the original co-founders of CARTE. Her contributions, dedication and commitment to CARTE have been definitive and enduring. Kristi has been a student of personal development seminars and leadership training for over twenty-five years. She couples this with some thirty years of experience in the restaurant business as a corporate trainer, manager, sales representative, and regional sales director.

Kristi is keenly aware of the potential life-long negative effects that abuse and neglect have on children. She has therefore committed her life to helping children who have been devastated by abuse, heal their past, in order for them to have a healthier and more promising future.

Kristi is a native Californian and a devoted stepmother whose stepchildren refer to her as their “bonus mom”. She is also the “Bonus Grammy” to four precious grandchildren. She and her husband of over 20 years are retired and make their home in the Reno/Tahoe area.

Michelle Cisneros, Board Member

Michelle Cisneros is an active board member of CARTE. After graduating from the STARR SuperCamp and Leadership Programs in 1992 she came back to serve in various volunteer positions for the STARR Life Course for teenage girls. By sharing her own life experiences, staffing courses, and expressing her personal conviction to interrupt the generational cycle of child abuse, Michelle received an award from the Orange County Board of Supervisors and Orange County Sheriff’s Department. She also became certificated as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children in the foster care system. In that capacity she is the voice to the court, preparing written reports for the children under her care as to their needs, best interests and wishes.

In addition, Michelle has mentored teens and women recovering from eating disorders. She has spoken on numerous panels educating pediatricians, family practice therapists and social workers as to the underlying causes of eating disorders. She explains a significant number of women (and some men) with eating disorders have been sexually abused and generally display other negative behaviors and addictive patterns.

As a thriving survivor of child abuse, Michelle truly understands the challenges abused teens face…and can overcome through their participation in the STARR Program. She is dedicated to making a bold difference by encouraging these teens and offering them the same opportunities she was given.

Michelle resides in Ventura, California and the proud mother of two teens, Alexis and Ashley.

Bobbi DiClaudio, Auxiliary Board Member

Bobbi is the newest member of our non-profit Board of Directors as of May 2008. Bobbi brings a youthful passion and a spirit of individuality to the CARTE team.

She is one of five children who grew up in a single parent household under extremely adverse conditions. When she was in her 20’s she moved to New York City to spread her wings. While on her own in New York, she had an impressive physical fitness career that eventually took her back to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

Bobbi is a graduate of the Partner in Excellence Women’s Leadership Program. She has served CARTE by staffing courses, enrolling family members as well as staffing the August 2015 STARR Project Teen-Esteem Life Course. Bobbi’s mission is to model to her family and others that childhood wounds can be healed, and with a willingness to open their hearts to personal growth through courses such as those offered by CARTE, they can become emotionally healthy and live successful lives. Her story is featured in RE-The wisdom in rethinking your life! This book was co-authored by Gloria Manchester and Rose Gibbons.

Bobbi lives with her husband, Tim, and her step-daughter, Talia, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Marsha Murman, Auxiliary Board Member

Marsha Murman is a current auxiliary board member of CARTE. She has been involved in the personal development arena for over 25 years and has organized, staffed, and co-facilitated seminars and retreats for women and has raised funds for the STARR Life Course for At-Risk Teen Girls.

Marsha is an entrepreneur who owns a successful fashion accessory business. Her engaging and infectious personality not only causes many women to consider a different way of looking at and accessorizing themselves, but a willingness to wear a new attitude. Among her friends, she is an inspiring and dynamic coach and empathic listener. As a member of the Board and a major contributor to CARTE, she brings this same degree of vibrant passion to CARTE’s purpose and vision.

Marsha lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, Mark, and is the mother of two successful adults.

Beth Refosco, Auxiliary Board Member

Beth Refosco is a life-long resident of Pennsylvania. She is a 1983 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Beth is a survivor of domestic violence, and happily married to Bryan. They have five children. Her three children and two step sons keep her very active within the community. Beth is a graduate of the Partner in Excellence Leadership Course.

Through dedication, determination, drive and leadership Beth is committed to supporting women and teenage girls in focusing on their inner strength. By living in contribution to society, working in excellence, and leading by example she vows to make a difference to the women and girls served by CARTE.

Patricia Kennedy – Auxiliary Board Member

Pat Kennedy began a career in school public relations over 18 years ago. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications while raising two young sons and is completing a Master’s program in Leadership and Business Ethics. Pat is a graduate of the Partner in Excellence Course for women and out of that experience has committed to serving on the CARTE Board as an auxiliary member.

As a survivor of child sexual abuse Pat speaks from experience to the teens served by CARTE. She completely understands the pain of being burdened in life by child abuse. Where do they go for help? Who can they trust? Pat brings her strong leadership and communication skills to the cause, reaching out to support teens and all women in overcoming their own obstacles to have healthy, joyful, successful lives.